FELDA Travel Sdn. Bhd.

We provide services for Umrah and Hajj the best quality at a reasonable cost.

About FELDA Travel Sdn. Bhd.

FELDA Travel is a leading corporate travel agent in Malaysia and has over 20 years of experience in the business of servicing the sophisticated and discerning needs of the business travelers. FELDA Travel is a member of the diversified FELDA Holdings Bhd which provides commercial support to the Federal Land Development Authority (FELDA). FELDA Holdings is one of Malaysia's largest diversified agro-based organizations.

We are divided into 2 divisions namely Travel Division and Residences Division, which provide various products and facilities.

FELDA Travel, a subsidiary of FELDA Group was tasked to venture into the hospitality, travel and tourism. Since 2005 managing services and pilgrimage of Umrah pilgrims has been initiated and is getting good response from the various categories of customers. Still many are not aware that the service umrah / hajj through FELDA Travel has been implemented not only for its settlers but also the service is open to all.

Belief in
FELDA already proven brand products after the products and services offered through the various processes have been the primary focus has always been to improve the quality of continuous improvement and value added services. Umrah and Hajj packages being offered is another product to the public option. We offer only the best quality products at a cost that can and should be. Alhamdulillah so far the feedback is encouraging. We hope that customers who have been with us being able to deliver to other friends. We welcome your presence for her to join us for the success of a product is based on worship of the pillars of Islam that must be done by the privileged. God willing, hopefully well being that we are looking to get mercy and pleased God.

Contact us :
2nd Floor FELDA CITI
Jalan Maktab 6 Off Jalan Perumahan Gurney
Kuala Lumpur 54200 Malaysia.

Telephone : +603 2698 3833
Fax : +603 2694 5104  


Hani Hanifah-Abubakar said...

Salam, saya ingin tahu harga tambang all in menunai ibadah Ummrah untok
bilek berdua, bertiga dan berempat didalam bulan April 2014. Selain dari tambang dan bilek bagaimana dengan bfast, makan tengah hari dan malam, ada kah disediakan? Terima Kasih.

Hani Hanifah-Abubakar said...

Salam, Apa kah nama2 hotel yang ditempat nanti di Madinah dan di Mekkah.


Anonymous said...

Di syor tutup blog jika tidak berkemampuan utk uruskan.


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