Harmony Excellence Holidays Sdn Bhd

10 years leading Umrah. Upah Haji Rm1,800 only. Umrah from the price of Rm5,490 only. Eight reasons we are your choice. 
  1. The hotel is less than 350 meters from Mecca and 200 meters from the Medina. 
  2. Flight comfort from Saudi Airlines, MAS and Air Asia. 
  3. Can manage or cater through us. 
  4. Without any hidden charges. Courses in the congregation if the distance problem. 
  5. The pilgrims are guided to work full-time umrah worship. 
  6. The tazkirah activities of the Congregation are fulfilled throughout the journey. 
  7. Mutawwif who are experienced in managing the congregation. 
  8. Make umrah experience a memory in two Holy Land.

Contact us online

013 983 6102 (Haji Wahab)
013 315 2000 (Hotline)
03 4142 8817 (Official)

Employee Address

No1, Jalan Wangsa Melawati 4, Wangsa Melawati 53300 Kuala Lumpur

Email: admin@harmoni2u.com

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